Do You Create A Afk Base? afk base

The motive of the game is to create a base, such that you can attack other zombies, which appear. But, building a good afk base can be difficult, if you are a newbie. Afk Base

There are a number of building elements, which you can find in the game, which can help you build a very strong and secure base, to kill zombies, and protect your base from the same. As you progress, in the game the game will become difficult, and you should have a proper strategy to protect yourself. At the beginning of the game, if you have a strong afk base to kill the zombies, it will be enough. But, in the higher levels of the game, you should also add protection, to tackle the cunning zombies, which appear. afk base

The Defense

The defense is an important part, while you play the game of You should try to build a two or three-tier defense, depending upon the number of materials, which you have in your hand, for building the afk base. If you have very few materials, you can try to have maximum defense in the direction, where maximum numbers of enemies or zombies are present. It will help you to remain for longer times, in the arena, and reach the top of the leaderboard, quite easily.

Learning Everything

If you still cannot find out the best defense for your afk base, you should better try to watch some videos on the Internet, or have a look at the bases of other enemies, which can help you have a good idea. It is not possible to build the best base at the very first chance, as you need to have some strategy, which you can grasp, only after you play the game repeatedly. You should also learn how to utilize the available resources, in the most skillful way.

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