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Internet gaming has taken over the world. Kids, adults, men, women, everyone is addicted to one or the other game. is a game that has taken the gaming world by storm. Here are some tips on controls.

To play the game, you must know controls. While gaming is fun, knowing the controls of any game can master your way of playing. There are many who just skip the regulation part which proves to be a negative decision. Before you start, make sure you are aware of each and every aspect.

The Basic Controls

The game has easy and simple controls. It does not require you to learn any sort of complex mechanism which can take time to learn. What you have to do is you have to control the blocks through your mouse. Apart from that, you have to use A and D to rotate your blocks. This seems similar to Tetris where you had to rotate and adjust different blocks. Also, you have to use W to release the blocks. These three to four controls can ease up the gaming process for you. It is indeed easy to master this. controls

The Importance Of Controls

To any gamer, controls play a vital role. For those who do not give much significance to learn controls, they tend to lose the game more frequently than others. This brings to an important point. What is the need to learn controls? To simplify the answer, controls enable us to triumph in any game. Those who have mastered a game, have full knowledge of different controls working for the game. Similarly, needs you to know the controls which are very simple, and you have the opportunity to learn it all within few minutes. is an interesting game. From what you have learned about it, the following points can be deduced:

  • The controls to are fairly simple.
  • You require the mouse to control the blocks
  • A and D buttons are needed to rotate the blocks.
  • W is required to release the blocks
  • Once you master the controls, you master the game

After going through these points, you may have got the knack of controls. The rules are simple. Controls are simple. Nothing seems to be complex at all. Hope you can enjoy the game without any hindrances.

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