Playing Sandbox Mode

zombs io is an online multiplayer game where you would need to build fortresses and walls and protect them from the zombies who are waiting to damage your fortress and defense walls and kill you. There are several different game modes that are hidden from players. The sandbox mode is one of the hidden game modes.

About Game

You need to place the gold stash down before you start building the base in The zombies usually attack during the night time and that is why you should try and build your base faster so that you can protect yourself from being defeated by the zombies. Wood and stone resources are best used for building your base. sandbox modes ensure that you have more stones and more woods that can help you to accumulate the accessories faster. Make certain that you always shape the gold mines for producing gold. sandbox

This gold can also be used for purchasing weapons and towers. Always try and build turrets and walls that can defend your tower from the zombies. You will gather more score points as and when you build more castles.

What Is the Sandbox Mode? sandbox is a pure game where the main elements are zombies. The only goal in the game is to have loads of fun while the game is being played. Place units, spawners, terrain, turrets, and more, and watch the chaos as they fight to the death in this interactive sandpit! The trees and the rocks are more or less common on any generated map and it is also easy to find a number of spots so that you can defeat a number of zombies with just multiple hits. Play the sandbox mode by visiting the mode site and you would be sure to love the game.

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