What Are Surviv.io Crates?

surviv.io crates

Surviv.io crates are very important or essential features in surviv.io to win the battleground. There are many crates are available in this game.

You have to gets the loot from smashing surviv.io crates and being always in the game. There are more than thirty crates available in this game including a wooden crate, wooden barrel, soviet crate, great crate, deposit box, and many more.

How To Destroy A Wooden Crate?

The wooden crate is found in the shape of a simple wooden box. You also found these wooden crates scattered around the map and in the warehouses. You have to hit four times at the same place to destroy this wooden crate. It is seen as Brown Square in the game on the map. After destroying this wooden crate you get some common loot.

surviv.io crates

Where You Found A Wooden Barrel?


The wooden barrel is also a very important crate to earn some points in the game. There are several spawns of the wooden barrel are found in the game. Eight spawns are found in the basement of the mansion and one spawn is found in the entrance of the basement. It looks like a brown shape on the map and takes three punches for destroying. You have to destroy the surviv.io crates to get some loot and earn points.

Importance Of Soviet Crate in Surviv.io Crates

The Soviet crate is also known as the military crate. This crate is very similar to another regular crate. It looks like a sickle on the top and a communist hammer with a red background of the box. It takes more punches as compare with other crates to destroy but it contains better loots also. They are found in maximum quantity but you not seen on the minimap.

Importance Of Locker

Locker is a very important component of surviv.io crates that are used to protect and hold your items. Locker is mostly found in the hydra burner and sometimes it is found in the police stations. You can hold any item available in this game. There are mostly two types of lockers available in the market. One is a normal locker and another is a gold locker. The lockers found in police stations, there are only seven spots are filled from the total 10 locker spots. You also break this locker in one or two shots from your guns.

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