Top 20 Skins 2016 is the biggest multiplayer game. People loved game and have been playing for a long time. Many players aim to reach the highest score in this game because they want to rank amoung in the leaderboard. In addition, a lot of users have been using slithere mod for 7 months. In this article, we will explain most preferred skins throughout December and
the entire year 2016.

Top 20 Skins 2016

First of all, we listed these skins according to the percentage of players’ playing time. We need to mention this point in particular that you can find skins in this list only in our mod. We have produced and shared many different skins since we published mods as you may remember. It was unreasonable for us to make our choice because there are many skins that you will understand. Therefore, the most used skins helped us as analytics data when we created a top 20 skins 2016 list. Also, we sometimes prepared different skins that are inspired from cartoon characters, referring to real life people and popular icons in the public society.

1. Super Mario
2. Special Snake
3. BlackStyle
4. Donald Trump
5. Steve

6. Minions
7. Creper
8. Hog Rider
9. Angel
10. Devil

11. Spiderman
12. Traffic Pontoon
13. Troll Face
14. Captain America
15. Sonic X

16. Jigsaw
17. Super
18. Red Bull
19. Instagram
20. Ghost

top 20 skins 2016

Finally, we thank you for playing this game and our mods lovingly. If you have any problems or would like to share your own design skins with us, you can contact us via our contact form on our facebook page. You should continue to follow our site, we will soon introduce new features of our mods.

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      We are sorting these skins according to statistics of previous month.

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      You can find our mod and skin creater in

    1. I want to download these but van not find out how could someone help me pls??
      ? anyway I really like the game slither I have never played any of the other io games but I still think if I would slither is the best

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