The Tactics Of Slitherio Videos

slitherio videos

In the slitherio videos, you have to keep in mind two things: one, do not touch the border, else your snake will die instantly, two, never let other snakes hit your snake. Rest, your snake will keep eating pellets and keep growing. Pellets are also developed when one snake dies. But if a snake dies when it hits the border then no pellets are created. In slitherio videos, the player having the longest snake in the end wins.

Varieties in Orbs in Slitherio Videos

Most people must know this classic game where a snake will eat pellets and will grow until it dies upon touching itself. In slitherio, the snake doesn’t die upon touching itself but it does when it gets touched by the opponent’s snake’s head.

slitherio videos

There are two kinds of orbs or pellets available in the board of slitherio videos, first are normal and stationary pellets that provide average growth to the snakes. Next, there are orbs that move and glow brighter. These orbs will try to drift away from your snake when it approaches the orb. But capturing and consuming this orb is more beneficial than the normal one because it provides more growth to your snake or worm. But you have to be careful and ready at the same time while approaching these kinds of special orbs because there is a great chance that another snake is also approaching it. You can take this situation as an advantage and defeat the approaching snake.

Use The Coil Trap Technique To Ambush Other Snakes

The coil trap technique is used to trap a snake inside a coil made up of your own snake. When you have circled up and trapped the snake inside you can easily defeat it in slitherio videos.

Also if you see another snake coiling up to trap some other snake, that will be your chance to defeat the coiled-up snake because it will mostly be concentrated upon the snake trapped inside. All these moves and tricks depend upon swiftness and timing.

When you become a huge snake, you will find many other snakes circling around you in order to defeat you. At this stage, you either have to play aggressively and use up boosts as many times possible or find a relatively less-populated area where you can wait a bit. Of course, there is no way of knowing which area is less populated so you may try the edges for that.

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