Slitherio Cheats To Defeat Your Opponents

slitherio cheats

Slitherio is a replica of the 90’s Nokia mobile game where each player will have a worm that will feed on pellets and grow in size. The trick is to stay alive no matter how long the worm grows. Some players want to use slitherio cheats in the game.

What Are The Controls Of Slitherio?

Learning the controls of the game is the basics of the slitherio cheats. You can either control your worm with one finger or with two.

If you want to control your worm with one finger then you just have to tap and hold on to a certain direction and your worm will move in that direction only. Just drag your finger around the screen within the border to indicate the direction of your worm. Remember, the moment you touch the border, you die. So you have to be very careful with that. You can also just tap on the screen in a particular direction to direct your worms.

If you want to control your worm with two fingers then hold your phone with both hands and tap the screen forward and backward with your thumb to control your worm. In addition, if you want your worm to go up or down then you just have to tap up or down respectively. If you use two fingers instead of one then it is more beneficial in attacking your opponents and making quick and sharp turns.

slitherio cheats

Follow The Trail Of The Orbs

Another slitherio cheats is to follow the orb trail. Whenever a boost is used, it shrinks the size of the snake so that the snake or worm can move faster. When the worm shrinks, it leaves a trail of orbs or pellets behind itself. Following a pellet, trail is a good strategy because:

  • It is a great direction to move especially when you are just starting. Following this trail will lead to a giant snake.
  • If you end up tailing a giant snake then it is just a matter of time they start giving out orbs. Also if that giant snake is somehow defeated then you will be in a great position.

Make Smart Moves for Slitherio Cheats

Following a trail of orbs is not always a good idea in slitherio cheats. Some time by following a trail of orbs you make yourself vulnerable and the probability of you being defeated increases. This is because the same path might be followed by other snakes as well. Also, you need to be careful when you have just defeated a big snake for the same reason.

Features Of Slitherio Cheats

  1. Country Flags Skins
  2. Team Logo Skins
  3. Create your Skins
  4. Mouse zoom in, zoom out control
  5. See your current X/Y Position
  6. Monitor your FPS
  7. See your Best Score
  8. Connect with your friends to same server
  9. Direct connect server list
  10. Auto Nick and Settings Saving
  11. Changer Your Background
  12. Game Graphic Mode (low/normal/optimized)
  13. Default Graphic Mode (Low/High)
  14. Selection Tags
  15. Skin Rotator Timer
  16. New Menu

Mod Extension (need Tampermonkey or others at bottom)

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