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You could be among the many who fancy playing on your android. The app has made this possible. Now, you can enjoy this fun game on your android device and stay entertained for hours. Nevertheless, the game has a set of rules that help in making sure that the game stays within control.

When playing the game on your android device using the app a player has also access to several tips & tricks that he/she can employ. In the section below are the game rules and a number of the game tips & tricks. However, a player can use these tips & tricks only after he/she has downloaded the game app on this/her mobile phone.

The Rules Of Downloading App

While playing the game on an android device after downloading the app a player must avoid cursing! This recent io game is that of sketching and it provides some fun moments amusement. However, in order to enjoy this game, the players must be polite towards one another. A player is prohibited from cursing in the game and in such a case there is a great likelihood that the player concerned will be not allowed to continue playing the game. app

A player can write down a game’s solution word by mistake. Keeping this in mind, he/she must check. The player is required to sketch a representation of a word that he/she has chosen.

If it so happens that a player stays inactive and doesn’t make any prediction for a definite time span he/she is going to be disqualified from a game automatically.

Why This Rule?

This rule is in place for ensuring all of the participants in any game are actually participating actively in the game. All those who wish to download for their Android phone would be relieved to they know that they have several reliable sources at hand.

Tips & Tricks

A player must try and decide on simple words for sketching and remember the stipulated time limit.

While doing a drawing after downloading the app, a player should utilize object associated colors. Prior to guessing a word a player will do well by checking out the number of letters that are present in the solution word.

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