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Welcome to the game. This is a fun guessing and drawing game where a player in every round would be asked to draw an image and the other players would need to guess the image and earn points. You can play this game on mobile phones with apk. Apk Mode

Playing the game is fun with a number of players online. You would need to draw a word from the word list and the players would need to understand the word and accordingly gain a number of points. Every player would be chosen to draw something different and the faster you understand the word, the better points you would accumulate. The first player to achieve the goal of points will be declared the game winner. You can choose between one of the groups of words in the apk mode that we offer and have fun with your friends! This game is an interesting game where you would need to create your own room and you can also invite up to 50 friends sharing a link to the room who would play the game with you. You can also choose between any members you want to. apk

How to Play The Game on Apk

Playing the apk mode is one of the most amusing fun drawing style games that you can play online. This is a free multiplayer online game where you can play with a number of players. You can just visit the site and log in, name yourself, and start playing the game. No registration or download is required in order to play this game. This game replicates the and after you understand the drawing you would need to type in the answer in the box at the bottom of the screen with the help of the keyboard. This game is really uncomplicated for players who have played Pictionary before.

There is no sole strategy of the game and since the gameplay is almost common to all the other io online games it doesn’t need much of a problem. Players would need to keep an eye on the chat roll while guessing as it may help to actually understand what the item truly is. . The drawing system is really simple and cool in the apk mode and you can have more than just a pen tool as well as shape tools with which you can fill a number of colors. You cannot report other users for cheating in the game, unlike all the other io drawing games.

app download

apk download

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