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If you are bored of playing old other types of games, then try the new snake game to become addicted to it. It is surely the most delightful game you have ever played. It urges your competitive skills to beat other opponents across the border. Just keep on eating and enlarge in size to kill other snakes and win. That is all about the game full of funny serpents.

About Funny Mods And Game

Are you game-addicted? Is playing game your favorite pass time? If yes, then here you can get yourself the best time pass game ever with the It is a multiplayer game of snakes, where you have to eat the pellets and grow larger in size. This mod is not only interesting but very funny at the same time. Regardless of age, these mods and hacks are for all from kid to adult. Though the game looks very simple and cute, you have to play trickily to not hit the head of other opponents. It is the only rule of the lag that you have to keep in mind while playing online.

funny mods
Other Specifications mainly is a game of private server, which only the developers can run. The developers use it to add extra features to make it more enjoyable. It has an astounding graphical configuration of bright colors and lets you personalize the snake skins. play is an engaging sport, where you have to stay alerted of not falling prey to other snakes, who are your rivals. It also consists of other facilities like; zooming option to have clear visibility. All you have to take care of is moving the snake within the game premises. You can download this game from the Android google store or an AppStore and play it on your device.

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