Fresh Animals In The Latest Update

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An update’s lately hit and it gives the player access to deep-sea beside the standard map, which is present on beta servers, by way of the blobfish or worm. And this edition also brings an entirely fresh mechanic and mood of discovery to this game. Below we look at this edition in general and animals here.

About Animals

What this does is put in a lesser depth to the deep, which presents access to fresh terrain, fresh food, and also fresh creatures. Such fresh animals consist of an anglerfish, the blobfish, and also a manta.

This anglerfish, in conjunction with a small number of added creatures, happen to the sole ones capable of surviving out in the deep. However, they are prone to damage on getting away from the region. There is no need to fear though as in the event of you evolving into a deep-sea living thing even as in a diverse environment. In addition, you’re going to be defended against damage till the time that you turn up there. animals

This doesn’t imply that you’re going to be able to securely consume whilst being unaffected by attacks. You will also be unable to consume any foodstuff from any area beside the deep sea. Besides, the developers of will update animals level by level in the future. Then, players will have better game quality and system with new animals. You can observe the current tree of animals and its level system with the picture above.

The Key New Features Of This Edition

The greatest incorporations to this game are a couple of fresh starting living things, namely a blobfish and a worm. Among these new animals blobfish has an ugly appearance and blossoms in the most cavernous profundity of the deep. It is going to put in much effort in surviving the greater levels. With the worm, the game gets a pristine mechanic that had been previously left unexplored which is the capability of burrowing into the earth.

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