Diep.io Sandbox Game

diep.io sandbox

Diep.io is a free game and very entertaining for the players. You have to makes this game very useful for testing builds and killing bosses. Sandbox includes the cheats, with the help of this cheat you have to change your class or level without completing the present level. Players who use these cheats their name are displayed in yellow and other players remain white in the diep.io sandbox.

How to Become Sandbox Bigger?

Diep.io sandbox game was introduced on September 3rd, 2017. You can also play with unplayable tanks including the tiny Mothership, Arena Closer, and Dominator. The arena is also much bigger than in the normal games. If you want the arena to be bigger, you have to join more players in your game to make it larger. God mode is abled when another player other than yourself is fighting with you in the same arena.

Controls of Diep.io Sandbox

K: Level up

O: Suicide

\: Change class

; God mode (You are only able to use this if no one else is in the game.)

Y: Opens up a menu to see everything on.

diep.io sandbox

Consider the Following Tips Before Starting Your Game

  • Special tanks that generally are secure at high levels instead of work like normal tanks you can reach the level 1 to level 45.
  • Arena closers occupy by you are blue, not yellow. If they are your enemy then they are red.
  • In the diepio sandbox, a very common idea is to be able to toggle OP tanks, mainly the Arena Closer, Dominator, and Mothership.
  • This is because there is another idea for posting Sandbox Party links and trolls generally join and attempt to kill your enemies and win the game.

How to Use Your Mouse?

Cursor: Your best and primary weapon, you have to be always pointing towards your cursor. You need to be very careful about your controls and know all the shortcut keys.

Left mouse button: Your primary attack.

You have to choose tanks that primarily use bullets and fire all your cannons at your enemies and kill them very efficiently and earn some useful points.

Tanks that primarily use drones you will gather all their drones around the cursor, or at least try to move toward your enemies and move to the next level of the diep.io sandbox.

Right mouse button: your secondary attack.

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