What Is Diep.io Best Tank You Ever Had?

diep io best tank

It is that you’ve been taking part in, diep.io, which is the Agar.io sequel game, and yet you could do with a number of tips for the up gradation of your tank and getting to higher levels? If you are, then you must check out the section below that focuses mainly on the stats for tanks and tank classes for diep.io best tank.

Tank Stat Points And Tank Classes In General

As you annihilate shapes or additional diep.io tanks the tank level bar of yours starts filling. After it is filled you level up. On every occasion that the Tank of yours levels up, you do achieve a stat point and this lets you put in stats to the tank of yours that include bullet speed, health, penetration, and more. These are steps towards getting that diep.io the best tank.  There’re eight-quarter stats you’re able to upgrade by the use of points. You acquire a single stat point for every single level up till you get to 30.

On reaching diep.io level 15 tanks you’re free to pick the tank class you would like to belong to and there’re four such classes. Every single class, just as stats do, puts in an exclusive aspect to the game play of yours.

diep.io best tank

8 Diverse Diep.io Stats You’re Able To Upgrade

There’re 8 diverse diep.io stat upgrades for you to use. On leveling up the tank of yours, a stat menu comes up at the left part of your game monitor. Given beneath are the stats that you have the option of choosing from. For selecting a stat you just have to make a tap on top of the plus mark next to each. These help in getting you towards the diep.io best tank.

The stats are:

  • Health Regen
  • Max Health
  • Body Damage
  • Bullet Speed
  • Bullet Penetration
  • Bullet Damage
  • Reload
  • Movement Speed

There are two types of attack styles for diep.io best tank which are bullet and body damage attacking. Many diep.io players always focus on bullet speed, penetration, and damage when they are Triplet, Penta Shot, and Stalker because players need to shoot players with these types of tanks. However, another major part of diep.io players always focus on health, body damage, and movement speed while they are using Booster, Fighter, and Annihilator because players need to catch up with players to kill them.

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