Wiki Info wiki game is one of the most exciting games where you would need to build a bunker and build up a number of weapons and get complete to defend your life and secure your food and protect yourself from the ruthless world. In the wiki, players can find information about all items, weapons, ghouls, alloy and strategies. Wiki – Playing The Game

The wiki is the official website of the game where you would gather a number of information about the game. This is one of the most well-known survival games with various strategies where you would need to build a house and accumulate fire and weapons in order to save yourself and keep well. There are various kinds of weapons in this game and the most recent added weapon is the gun. The nail gun has recently been added to this online multiplayer game and it is usually used to repair walls. It uses nails as its ammunition and functions as a normal looking gun. The gun is known to fire 2.5 times in a second. This gun is however useless as far as a weapon is concerned. wiki

You can find a number of other weapons and ammunition from the wiki website. Find out more about different characters called the Devaster which is around theoretical creatures with big eyes and arms. It is one of the first characters and the first designs that have especially been created for this game. This character is more or less simple so that it can be identified as per imagination like all the other games.

How Does Devaster Look?

Devaster’s eyes were originally black but this was not the desired look in the game. Thus the eyes were later on changed as per the character, black eyes with white pupils. The blue color was eliminated from the eyes. Green unites with nature, while orange and red give the notion that the character has anger. The skin color gives the impression that this is a human being. The arms are separated from the body. You can also gather information on the various tools from the wiki site. The different tools essential for survival in the game are hatchet, stone pickaxe, steel pickaxe, steel axe, nail gun, repair hammer, hammer, sulfur pickaxe, and more that can help in protection from the cold as well as from enemies. Play the game if you want to spend a good time at home.

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