What Are Zombs.io Tokens?

zombs.io tokens

The zombs.io tokens are zombs.io resources that can be gathered by the players. The resources are the best kinds of materials that are used to construct buildings and buy various kinds of upgrade points. The resources comprise gold, wood, stone, and tokens. If the players have enough resources for builds, they can build their castles easily.

What Are Zombs.io Tokens?

Zombs.io tokens are tokens, which are earned by the players when they defeat monsters, which are summoned by Monster Stones and re-spawn quickly. It is also to be noted that right now monsters are giving the only experience as tokens have limited use. They are also obtained by killing bosses, which spawn after every 8 waves. They can be used to evolve pets from the pet shop. Tokens are currently not being spent when evolving pets.

zombs.io tokens

The Different Kind Of Enemies In Zombs.io

There are various kinds of enemies in zombs.io. The different monsters comprise zombies, monsters, and bosses. Zombies are the standard enemies who attack the players at night. And they use melee attacks against players and pets if they are in the range. Monsters ignore any player or pet close to them unless provoked.

Monsters can start attacking even if indirectly damaged by the AoE of a cannon tower. Bosses also drop zombs.io tokens, which can be used to evolve your pets when they reach a certain level. To get those zombs.io tokens, the player must land at least one attack on the boss, before the towers kill it. They will give a large amount of gold upon defeating them.

The Behavior Of Zombs.io Creatures

  • The bosses are similar in character to the zombies however they are a little bit stronger.
  • They are automatically targeted by the players’ towers.
  • Normal zombies will attack anything while bosses dodge towers and go straight for the gold stash.

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