Strategies To Strengthen Base base

Starting a base can be really challenging as most players are amateur and most of them are just casual players. Some of the players spam tower around the base by wasting various resources. Then, they will not gain more points than others.

The Base is a multiplayer zombie game where you would need to build towers and fortresses with the help of various materials in order to protect yourself from the zombies. The main aim of this game is to collect as much gold as possible and survive in the game for a long as possible. You would also need to gather resources such as wood and stone. You can place a gold stash, which establishes your base and holds all of your gold and then you can start generating gold with the gold mines. base Tips And Tricks

Build your base near a multiple resource spot to save time and always keep an eye on your base. Build your base in a corner of the map, so you won’t get attacked from all sides. You can build a gold stash in order to establish your base and start defending the same. Collect resources with your pickaxe in order to upgrade your base and build towers to protect yourself from the zombies. Controls

To move your character in you have to use WASD keys and MOUSE to look around. To gather, build and attack press the left mouse button, for auto-attack press SPACE. Upgrade quickly with E; heal your character with F, B to enter the shop menu and P for the party menu. Players can also communicate with each other by just pressing ENTER. Protecting your base is one of the most important features in the game and in order to do that you need to defeat the base.

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