Dragon Helmet dragon helmet dragon helmet is the highest tier of all helmets in the game. The new accessory was added in the Chrono quest update. If you want to obtain this helmet, you would need to gather 1 amethyst in the 4 days quest and receive the Blue cube. Many players want to have the dragon helmet.

The Helmets

Helmets are headwear that provides steady protection against damage from players, spikes, fires, and mobs when equipped well. Helmets do not help to reduce cold. They are just used for combats since they protect against other players as opposed to mobs. Once players are equipped with helmets there is a timer of several seconds before the helmet can be de equipped. In order to craft any kind of helmet, players would require a workbench. Helmets are categorized into stone helmets, golden helmets, diamond, Amethyst, and dragon helmet. dragon helmet

Why Is Dragon Helmet Present In The Highest Tier? dragon helmet is currently the highest helmet present in all the tiers and thus is known to provide maximum protection. This was recently added in the updates. In order to craft the dragon helmet, you would need 150 diamonds, 1 Amethyst, and a blue cube. Players would also be required to have the IKEA manual in hand in order to craft the helmet easily. dragon helmet reduces the damage taken on the player. In order to craft the helmet, you would need Amethyst, Diamond, and Blue cube and it is done in presence of a heat source, water, and workbench.

Getting To Know The Demo

You can get to know about the dragon helmet from either the wiki or the website. You can also know about the usage of helmets from various online gaming videos. Avail a dragon helmet today!

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