Diamond Helmet diamond helmet diamond helmet is the middle tier of helmets, which can be well equipped while wearing it. The player can take less damage from mobs, spikes, and other players. The protection provided by the diamond helmet is higher than the golden helmet. Diamond Helmet helmets are especially worn for steady protection against damage from opponent players, spikes as well as mobs when they are worn well by the players. Helmets however do not help to reduce the cold and freezing temperature. Other players are not opposed to mobs. Once players wear all the helmets there is a timer of several seconds before the helmet can be de equipped. Players can wear different kinds of helmets like golden helmets, stone helmets, diamond helmet, amethyst helmets, and dragon helmet. diamond helmet

The Helmet Upgrades

The diamond helmet is upgraded from the golden helmet and can also be upgraded to an amethyst helmet. Upgrading to a diamond helmet does not take much time but takes only 1 minute. Players should always carry the IKEA manual in hand before crafting the helmets. If you do not have an IKEA manual in hand then you can have a lot of food and cold bars with a lot of protection as well.

The Build Of The Helmet diamond helmet is currently the middle tier of the helmets and provides strong protection. In order to craft a diamond helmet, you would need 100 stone, 100 gold, 100 diamonds, and a golden helmet is required to craft the diamond helmet. It is always recommended that an IKEA manual is at hand. It takes 1 minute to craft a diamond helmet and it is definitely beneficial for the protection of players in

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