slitherio vs agario

Both and are two of the most popular games, which are still played, among the many io games, which become less popular with time. The game is the first creation of the io series, and was released just after a few months, became quite popular among multiplayer gamers. Today, we are going to discuss vs smoothly. Vs

The two games are quite different but share the same strategy, somewhere or the other. Apart from the common motive of reaching the top of the leaderboard, both the games revolve around the idea of killing other players, and move towards the top of the leaderboard. In vs, Both games have a number of elements, to make the game more appealing. vs Game

In the war of vs, the is a game, where you will have to start the game with a tiny colorful snake, and you will have to grow up the snake within the arena. In the process of growing up, if the head of other snakes collides with the body of your snake, that snake will die, and the corpse of the snake will turn into, such that you or other snakes in the game can feed on the snake. Thus, the game is quite easy to understand. Game

In the game of, you will have to control a small circle, which will grow big with time. In the game, the only way to grow up is to kill other players, and thus, the game of is all about survival of the fittest. Once a big bubble or circle comes in contact with a smaller bubble, the smaller bubble will gradually diminish, increasing the size of the bigger bubble. Once the size of the smaller bubble reduces to zero, the player with the smaller bubble dies. Thus, the game is also quite interesting.

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