Mod Extension SlitherePlus Version 3.1

If you want to visit the top of the leaderboards of the game, you should take the advantage of using some mods. You can find a number of mods on the Internet, which can help you to unlock various aspects of the game. But you should be very careful before using them. They can be harmful, as well. is an online game, where you will have to visit the particular website to start playing the game. There is no way of downloading the content on your computer, such that you can play it. Thus, all kind of modifications, which you will make with the game, should be done on the Internet, and once you’re disconnected, all the modifications will no longer be there.

Applying Modifications

As the game is played online, all the modifications should be applied on the website, where you will be playing the game. But as far as the website of is concerned, it is very difficult, or impossible to make modifications on the website, as it is blocked by the administrators. But you can find the modifications along with the game, on a number of other websites, and you can get them once you search for mod on the Internet.

Unlocking Mods

You have to keep on trying all the possible mods, and on doing that, you might find a successful mod, which can actually help you to play the game in the way you want. But that doesn’t mean that you will stop searching for other models on the Internet. Once the mods are detected by the administrators of the developers, such kind of will be immediately locked, and it might happen that you cannot play the game any longer on that website. You’ll also find the best possible mods, such that you cherish the top of the leaderboard easily.


  • Zoom in , zoom out with Mouse
  • Current Map X/Y Position
  • FPS Counter
  • Play with your friends server list
  • Background Changer
  • Glow Reducert
  • Graphic Mode Selecter (High/Medium/Low)
  • Create Your Party System
  • Clan Tags System
  • Connected Server System
  • [TAB] Toggle Hud


You must have [CLICK which one you want]

How To Install VIDEO:


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  1. NBA2K16 says

    You’ve gotten the most impressive web-sites

  2. mahber says

    thnk you so much

  3. Искрен Василев says

    Dude… The zoom out is awesome! when u are collecting mass you can see if other snakes are coming and u can doge or eat them.

  4. Veynome - says

    Waow, how to use the graphics mode selection and all options? 😀 GG for this mod!
    Here are my request of improvement : Highligh and size a bit names in the Leaderboard (names are almost hiden)
    Add new skins to the game (new colors inspired from agario for exemple :D)

  5. Linda Ho says

    Can you make it so we can turn invisible cause i see people invis and i want to be invis that would be awesome.Current version is enough but we need more qualities 🙂

  6. dardanel says

    works fine

  7. Original Slim says

    ofcourse its unfair, if everyone cant do it without a extension then it shouldnt be possible for anyone to do it..but if they add it as a feature to the game its fair.

    But i will use this lol

  8. Jamari davey says

    This really helped me before I downloaded the game….now I’m the best ?

  9. xisumavoid says

    My highest score was about 36,282 thanks to extension topic

  10. risus_185 says

    I installed that smoothly so thank you

  11. MalıArapFaiktenAlıyoduk says

    Kullanisli olmus saolasin…

  12. ENCHANTER says

    nice job thanks

  13. ilyasozde says


  14. TzisTa says

    nützliche software

  15. *Ubeyd* says

    It helped me to set new records 99.000 🙂

  16. qweqqa says

    Where is the download link?I couldnt find it

    1. says

      It will help you,
      Click Here


  17. Extrem Gamer says

    it works very well

  18. Faustus says

    Thank you so much!

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