Mod Extension Updated to version 2.8


  • Mouse zoom in , zoom out control
  • See your current X/Y Position
  • See your FPS
  • Connect with your friends to same server
  • Change your background
  • Glow seem low / high setting
  • Choose your graphic mode (High/Medium/Low)
  • Direct connect server list
  • Auto Nick and Setting Save
  • [ESC] Restart Game
  • [W] Snake Skin Changer Auto
  • [Q] Go To Main Menu
  • [TAB] Open/Close Hud Menu
  • [Tilde] Reset Zoom Settings
  • [SHIFT] Speed up in game


OTHER VERSIONS Slitherio Mod version 4.1 [STICKY VERSION] Slitherio Mod version 3.0 [OLD VERSION] Slitherio Mod version 2.9.2 [OLD VERSION] Slitherio Mod version 2.9.1 [OLD VERSION] Slitherio Mod version 2.9 [OLD VERSION] Slitherio Mod version 2.8 [OLD VERSION] Slitherio Mod version 2.0 [OLD VERSION] Slitherio Mod version 1.17 [OLD VERSION] Slitherio Mod version 1.16 [OLD VERSION]

How To Install VIDEO:

slitherio group agario group haxball group

30 Responses to Mod Extension Updated to version 2.8

  1. Sammy Endito says:

    How to do away with firefox using command quick or from registry?

  2. CSGO says:

    Astonishingly user friendly website. Tremendous information available on couple of clicks

  3. hrn001Overlord7134 says:

    Merci d’application très pratique

  4. muckmuck__ says:

    very fluent game speed

  5. Us.Bonds says:

    thanks the website serves recent mods.

  6. damneed says:

    zoom option works good, we wait the developed hacks from this website

  7. torkema61 says:

    i killed a lot of snakes with this script 🙂

  8. spain_snake says:

    muy útil

  9. Mert mutlu says:

    My highest ever score on was 47k

  10. Guest_1999 says:

    Nice mod! Loved the features as well!

  11. omerx20 says:

    cok iyi ustam paylasima devam

  12. heavyrocker says:

    so good

  13. meticulous says:

    In my opinion, the mod is the best forever

  14. CavaLieR-G says:

    This helped!

  15. bydncr says:

    Perhaps I need to find a friend to try this with, solo play is hard as hell! Thanks for the mod.

  16. bahtiyaraziz says:


  17. run SPOT run says:

    These skills are extremely helpful.thanks to this, I got 50k snake with a few tricksplits along the way

  18. Lardass says:

    The best tricks you can do in this game are incredibly hard to describe EXACTLY how to do them. You get the basics through pretty well though.

  19. blood cr says:

    great tactics!especially, cause i’m addicted to use it anytime.

  20. neptune says:

    Great! Thanks a lot

  21. VanKedisiOsman says:

    I developed my tactics with that extension

  22. ART CAR says:

    it doesn’t lag
    go on thanks

  23. diam0n says:

    utilizamos con mis amigos en el juego

  24. Jurgen Klopp says:

    perfect thank you

  25. Freeze MF says:

    After watching the video I was able to use the mod extension

  26. Mrs. Candan says:

    I can see my fps, therefore, i’ll change options which depend on mouse fps.thank you

  27. Qral Queen says:

    I like the mods i just got it to today so cool.

  28. SnakeFace says:

    I would love to donate, but sadly i have no money to give 🙁

  29. George Kartel says:

    it works good thx.

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