FineHacks Mod Version 1

finehacks1 0 is enjoyable for all already and yet they could gain from some added functionality. The good news is that there are expert mod developers for making matters more interesting, presenting them with the facility of installing unique extensions for Google Chrome. Zoom Mod – Its Installation

For installing the mod that puts in zoom to this game, go by the straightforward steps that are given below. However, note that it runs on the Google Chrome browser only. Ensure that you’ve set up Google Chrome as the browser on your PC. Download the “Tampermonkey” extension and this lets the use of scripts that have been developed by 3rd parties. Presently, proceed with the downloading of the script that’s going to alter the gaming experience of yours. Next is the restarting of the browser and going over to’s official page.

finehacks1 0 hack

Options That This Mod Offers You

Installation of this mod offers you several advantages. The facility of selecting the game’s quality of graphics (the lower down the quality and it’s going to be more fluid. The facility of choosing any server by IP address (for giving it to pals for playing together) In this game you are going to witness the statistical techniques of yours at the right side of the bottom of the screen In this game you have the option of making use of the mouse wheel for zooming. With all the facilities mentioned above, you are in for a great time in the game.

Zooming considerably makes the gaming experience better and the reason is that it lets you view a greater part of ​​the arena and avert the movements of the greatest of the players and far. Having read all that you get from this mod do you feel that it’s worth giving it a try?


  • Current Server IP Adress
  • See Snake Coordinates
  • Frame Rate
  • Your Rank

Mod Extension (need Tampermonkey or others at bottom)

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You must have [CLICK which one you want + if you dont want chrome use second download button]

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