Apk Mobile Game apk apk is known to be a simple online game where you have to control a snake-like worm and feed it with bright balls to make it bigger in size.

The slitherio apk is such an android game that is somewhat similar to the previously popular mobile game Snake. The APK in the name stands for Android Application Package. In this android game, your primary purpose is to make the snake-like work bigger in size after consuming as many colour balls as possible. There is a basic difference between this game and the Snake game. Unlike the Snake game, there are other competitors of yours who will also be trying to consume the balls at the same time.

Gameplay Of APK

  • The basic objective of apk is already known to you. You are supposed to beat the other players by gaining as many pellets as you can. You need to grow the worm in its biggest size. In case, other players’ worms’ heads collide with other worms then the player will instantly die. Eventually, the body of the beaten worm becomes bright pellets for the other player to consume. The pellets which remain from the death of the avatar will basically correspond to the colour of the avatar itself. It becomes both bigger and brighter than the normal pellets. apk

  • The pellets can even spawn from the other snake avatars. By simply pressing as well as holding a mouse or space bar, a player is likely to utilize the boost that successfully causes the avatar to become faster. If a player utilizes the boost, the snake is likely to lose a little bit of mass making the snake shrink slightly in size. It is known to be very useful for outmanoeuvring and defeating opponents. There is another strategy in which a player can beat the opponents.


  • The border is there which is likely to confine the avatars in the circular game board. In case a specific snake hits border, the concerned player is supposed to automatically die. The player with the biggest at end of the day is to get a ‘’victory message’’. Android Skins

There are likely to be 12 different default skins. Each of the skins is known to be of different colours. Colour is randomly chosen when a player joins a server. Moreover, a player is allowed to select for customizing the snake’s appearances utilizing customs skins along with the unique designs. The unique design is likely to include flags of different countries. That apart, a player can even create his/her own skin as per individual choice and need. Therefore, with apk you are allowed to make your own customization.

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Apk Size Varies with device
App by Lowtech Studios

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