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slither io own background

Except for you have been living beneath a rock over the course if the past small number of months, it’s very likely that you’ve heard about This is what the rage seems to be and all and sundry having been playing this game. Actually, it’s likely that your mum’s possibly playing it at the moment. Today, we are going to discuss about custom background.

Is Background A Drawback?

Whatever there may be in it is definitely not a great looker with its black colored honeycomb lattice background. The snakes are also without mouths. If you start reflecting on the present background you would probably begin contemplating on what could have been. There might have been a beautiful forest setting and the snakes might have had tongues for gobbling down diverse creatures and not the arbitrary orbs that they do now. background

After you’ve got yourself thinking you’re likely to start thinking wild. How would it look with a desert or a forest or maybe sub-zero tundra? The list’s never-ending. In place of all such possibilities, we’ve to do with the honeycomb lattice. However, you can create custom backdrops. Mod

In the event of you having set up Slithere-Mod you will have the chance of enjoying added features and among these is a custom background. Thus, you will be able to have diverse backgrounds that you have created on your own.

Besides this you’ll also have some added advantages that include:

  • Zoom
  • Random teleports
  • Straight connection with a number of the additional slither-io servers

If you are not all that keen on the present background of the game you can give the mod a try and make a custom background for making the game more interesting for you.

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