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   You have already known that is the most popular game among sector of the online multiplayer game. The players of only need to have web-browser to play slitherio. People who are the developers of have presented and developed for us. The development and sustainability of the game is still being increased day by day.

How to Play With Mods?

    There are a lot of players who are playing with mods but it is your choice that you can play with mod or without mod. We suggest mods for your snake if you want to gain advantages against other snakes.


    First step, you need to download mod to use features of mod. You have 2 options to install mod which you can use if you want because there is not difference between them. Types of install methods are tampermonkey ( TAMPERMONKEY CHROME  / TAMPERMONKEY OPERA / GREASEMONKEY MOZILLA ) and Google Chrome Store Slithere Mod.

    When you install mod, you can start to use pros of mod to press Q. And then you have a chance to use country flags and other special skins, creating your skins. You can use your mouse zoom in , zoom out in the game. In addition, you can use N for zoom in and M for zoom out if your mouse does not have zoom in and out mode. When you want to reset your zoom proportion, you can press Z. You can see your current X/Y position, FPS and best score during playing game in Slitherio.

    Other significant features are connecting with your friends to same server for play You can set the auto nick and settings saving. Some players are using background changer but it is not efficient mode for their FPS rate.

    There are some solutions for reducing lag which are game graphic mode selections (low/normal/optimized) You need to know that you can not use special skins when you are using low graphic mode. Furthermore, you can utilize special Tags, Skin rotator timer and New Play Menu in the game. Other practical solution is for mouse problems that ease to make use of speed up in game with keyboard of [SHIFT]


    We are proud to present our new feature that you can press [B] to On/Off special mod with 1-9 key adds. Then, you can use these keyword numbers which are listed : [1] Green Eye, [2] Point Head, [3] Magnet Head, [4] Kiwi Head, [5] Punch Head, [6] Smile Face, [7] Snail Face, [8] Google Head, [9] Reddit Snake. These are some special skins which people loved too much.
    If you face some problems or want to give productive feedback, you can use our facebook page and comment systems. We will be happy to assist you.

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  2. I truly like this description of playing methods. It will be useful for me to understand how I am use slithere mods thank you

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