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The is a competitive but weird .io game that needs you to combat chickens and be the winner among the same. This is all about survival and is styled in true Battle Royale form. There is one winner in every match, and it depends on your game playing skills on whether you will emerge as the king among chickens or be turned into a nugget. You have to use the space key and the arrow keys to be able to play this game. The wiki offers guidance on how to play the game well.

What is the Game About?

In this game, there is only one winner and every player strives to be the champ. There is no consolation prize or coming second. You have to be the only surviving one among the 80 chickens playing in in order to win the match. The game needs you to retain your balance on a tricky metal grinder plate that moves and changes shape continuously, leaving your chicken precariously on the brink of death. You have every risk of landing into the grinder, but if you manage to maintain your balance you can emerge as the last surviving chicken and win the game. wiki

How Can Wiki Help? wiki gives you guidance on how to play the game in a proper way. You can get an understanding of the tips and tricks to win the game, such as:

  • You have to keep your chick within the arena, and be the sole player to remain until the end, pushing the other chicks out of your view.
  • You need to move quickly with fast acceleration, given that the characters move on the battlefield slowly.
  • You have to be the last standing chicken in the war and need to collect the maximum possible amount of corn. Keep in mind that you start out as a small-sized chick, and you have to consume lots of corn from the metal plate that is continuously changing and shifting.

How Can You Play Game?

According to the wiki, you have to fight as many as 80 different players from around the world. Make use of some moves on the battlefield, such as walking, jumping, dashing, and sprinting. In case you manage to remain until the very end, it will be possible for you to get the maximum score bonus. You can turn out to be king of chickens.

You can navigate your chicken character in with the WASD keys. In addition, the jump function is provided by the Space Bar button. You must constantly move and jump to avoid falling into the hole and winning the game. In addition, you must try to push other players into the pit or the other players will want to drop you. Be smart and agile and defeat other players.

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