Mods v2.0 is a jungle war io game that includes building special farms. The aim of the players are killing other players and building the most advanced farms. When you kill other players, you will gain some experience points to develop your skills. In addition, you need to collect some resources to improve yourself and fight with others easily. Today we will share mods with you that gives some special skills compared to others. You can find features of mods to take advantage against enemies. You can download from the link and we will share Google Chrome Web Store version coming sooon! Mods Features

God Mode [You should select cookie at 2nd level]
Auto Aim
Auto Heal (Apple or cookie)
Detailed Minimap
Police Mod
Showing Enemies

Last Update: 5/10/2018 – Mods v4 was publised

You must have one of the 3 plug-ins below depending on your browser

VirusTotal Scan: Mods v2

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  1. Elizabeth Bondy says

    how do you get auto pilot to work?

  2. gothamcity says

    Police mod works perfectly. I am police in the game 😀

  3. taza says

    not working ? working?

  4. Witsel says


  5. Cameron says

    Do i need to click a button to activate auto heal? because i’ll have cookie and 500 food and i still get hurt, please help.

  6. Mihai says

    how works auto heal mode i reaally need it

  7. Yuki says

    i refresh it still the same

  8. Siedheb says

    How to turn police mod on laptop?

    1. Adamın dibi says

      SIEDHEB bendede oyle oldu.

    2. Navy Blue says

      muito bom

  9. Luke says

    It doesnt work for me how do i know when its enabled and working?

    1. REne says

      me tooo

  10. MOOMOO PLAYER says

    How do you activate Siren?

  11. {LG}{BegiNEr} says

    its to slow make it better

  12. Questions says

    When i try to install this it takes me to the install grease monkey for Firefox page. (I’m on chrome with tamper monkey installed)

    1. says

      You should change your windows settings for downloading any scripts from firefox to chrome.

      1. kyle says


        1. Mihai says

          how work auto heal mode i install him but he dont work how

  13. Kofi says

    hi. its me again. I found out how the auto heal works. please could you tell me how police and god mode works and how to turnijt on. Also how do you get the descriptive minimap that shows enamies. thank you

    1. Puntoyel. says

      Auto heal is working sometimes, i need to open and close settings!

  14. MooMoo Hacker says

    how to select cookies when lv 2
    cookies can select at lv 3

  15. muktar mubarok says

    thank you very much!!

  16. Caroline says

    can i get some halp please!, in the site or script, greasy fork, the script has ben deleted, its that a problem whit my browser or its a problem of the mod?, please help, my mouse cant click for eat the food, so i cant play, i die whit 700 food anyway, i will desactive all hacks, i just want the autoheal and police
    please help 🙁

    1. says

      We checked the link that is working without any problem.

      1. VLONE says

        i have downloaded tampermonkey for chrome and i downloaded the mod but it isnt running when i reload the game. it says the script is running but it doesnt change anything ab my game. any thoughts?

        1. says

          I think the mod was working while you were checking the script’s situation. So, you should press U to active mod and need to collect food to work without problem.

  17. z_z says

    Please update it it doesn’t work

    1. z_z says

      oh sorry i found 3.0 this is outdated

  18. iNOTSTEALTH says

    i installed but i do not have auto heal even after i had cookies and 500 food did everthing erased old mods still nothing.

    1. says

      The script of mods is working that is your problem with your browser. You should delete all extension on chrome. Then, install again.

  19. JV Dawg says

    Too many turrets/players can kill you anyway

  20. Bombolan says

    Auto heal and police mod are working good

  21. Michael says

    how to make the Mini Map work?

    1. says

      Mini map works automatically that shows water, glaciers and deserts.

  22. Sp00der says

    God mode isn’t working. You can only get cookie on level 3 now. Any fixes?

    1. says

      All features are working until now 23.06.2017

      1. Blank says

        i installed it didn’t work reinstalled it three times still nothing plz give me instructions or fix :<

        1. says

          We checked mods that is working perfect. Download again from

  23. MrNastyDJ says

    Please can you sort the auto food eat?

    1. Paul says

      The whole thing now needs updating due to their update. We really appreciate your work on these mods, please can you update as soon as you can?

      1. says mods updated! You can use now.

  24. Lachinio says

    its patched i think

    1. says mods updated after patch.

  25. FlumboO says

    I was just playing moomoo with this mod, and nothing seemed to work. So i looked at the console in inspect element, and i found there was a couple of errors.

    ERROR: Execution of script ‘MOOMOO.IO MOD HACK CHEAT GODMODE’ failed! uiElems is not defined
    Failed to load resource: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT

    1. FlumboO says

      another error.

      Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 503 (Service Unavailable: Back-end server is at capacity)

      1. says

        You need to disable other mods to avoid any error.

  26. bob says

    whered the free hats go?

    1. metoo says

      plz update the mod for the new update

  27. A_Person says

    Could someone help? My auto hit works but nothing else. Could someone tell me how to enable god mode or anything else

  28. Nameq says

    EJ dajcie mi hacki na prosze

  29. Karose11 says

    Thank you for free sharing

  30. Lachinio says

    auto heal doesent work i dont spawn with 500 food help

    1. says

      It works now. You need to select cookie instead of apple to work auto heal.

    2. says

      Did you install tampermonkey properly?

      1. Lachinio says

        i did it on chrome appstore thing

      2. SomeBuddy says

        Please update it, they updated

    3. Denied says

      u need to collect 500 food at the start

    4. roadow says

      Yeah it dosent work to me too 🙁

  31. Burak says

    auto heal works great but let me know how i can use police hat?

  32. SlithereMooMoo says

    how to use the godmode

    1. says

      You need to select cookie instead of apple at 2nd level. Then, you will use godmode.

      1. games says

        how do i use godmode please help

      2. games says

        how do i use godmode please help can i use it by liek something or is it a error

  33. Maraxes says

    Godmode is lovely xD

    1. games says

      how you use godmode]

  34. ConganerIT says

    It works perfectly but i need to have better features to become a leader easily xD

  35. therocco says

    I can’t install extension [Reload]

    1. says

      You should open dashboard of tampermonkey and then delete old version of mods. After that you may install updated version of our extension properly.

  36. sangkalpa sunuwar says

    i want this game

  37. fajar says


  38. Reppe says

    auto heal is working

  39. slithere665 says

    just the police work not minimap or auto heal

    1. says

      It has fixed again – 15/04/2017. Now it works.

      1. -.- says

        doesnt work for me 🙁
        do i have to do something else? or just install auto heal slithere?

        1. says

          You need to delete current version of your mods in your pc.
          Then, you should install mods again from download link because updating system of mods does not provide automatic updating yet.

          1. -.- says

            ok, with chrome it works fine. but with firefox it doesnt work^^

          2. says

            I am happy to hear that. Also, we will fix for firefox asap, thank you for info.

  40. qwsehmus says

    Çok çok iyi, oyunda 1. oldum ya xD

  41. JayDEEE says

    Hey!!!! The AutoHeal Do not work!!! PLEASE FIX IT!! FOR THE SAKE OF GOD!! PLEASE!! PEPS ARE KILLIN ME!!! Just I will Wait Ok???? just Be Fast…

    1. says

      It has fixed again – 15/04/2017. Now it works.

  42. Kawd aowdij says

    This mod is perfect thanks.

  43. yoselin says

    not work Auto Heal !!

    1. says

      It is working, check again please.

      1. Crazy Goat says

        Auto heal and talking are working but i want to more thank you

      2. MamundaTX says

        It works some time, but it needs to be more stable version to play thx.

        1. food master says

          added hacks pls

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