Mods v2.0

35 is a jungle war io game that includes building special farms. The aim of the players are killing other players and building the most advanced farms. When you kill other players, you will gain some experience points to develop your skills. In addition, you need to collect some resources to improve yourself and fight with others easily. Today we will share mods with you that gives some special skills compared to others. You can find features of mods to take advantage against enemies. You can download from the link and we will share Google Chrome Web Store version coming sooon! Mods Features

God Mode [You should select cookie at 2nd level]
Auto Heal [Should collect 500 food once you start]
Minimap Close
Minimap [Press Del]
Close Minimap Features [Press End]
Showing Enemies
Automatic Attacking
Always Attack System [Press E]
Take Food to Hand [Right Click]

You must have one of the 3 plug-ins below depending on your browser
Last Update: 25/04/2017



    • on

      You need to select cookie instead of apple at 2nd level. Then, you will use godmode.

  1. ConganerIT on

    It works perfectly but i need to have better features to become a leader easily xD

    • on

      You should open dashboard of tampermonkey and then delete old version of mods. After that you may install updated version of our extension properly.

      • doesnt work for me 🙁
        do i have to do something else? or just install auto heal slithere?

        • on

          You need to delete current version of your mods in your pc.
          Then, you should install mods again from download link because updating system of mods does not provide automatic updating yet.

          • ok, with chrome it works fine. but with firefox it doesnt work^^

          • on

            I am happy to hear that. Also, we will fix for firefox asap, thank you for info.

  2. JayDEEE on

    Hey!!!! The AutoHeal Do not work!!! PLEASE FIX IT!! FOR THE SAKE OF GOD!! PLEASE!! PEPS ARE KILLIN ME!!! Just I will Wait Ok???? just Be Fast…

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