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slitherio unblocked games

Slitherio unblocked games is a very famous multiplayer game. Players need to control a worm along with a square board where the worm will consume various pellets without colliding with any other worm.

What Are Slitherio Unblocked Games?

This browser game was developed by Steve Howse. Here the players need to run a moving worm that will eat multicoloured pellets and will grow in size. The main challenge is when the length of the worm grows. It is the toughest to control the worm when it is long. Finally, the player having the longest worm wins. There are many other games with a similar kind of concept as slitherio unblocked games.

The main goal of the game is to control the worm and move it around the square horizontally or vertically left or right. Whenever one player’s worm’s head touches another player’s worm then the later worm will be defeated and it will turn into a pellet for other worms to consume. The more pellets a worm consumes, the lengthier it becomes.

slitherio unblocked games

Few Strategies Of Slitherio Unblocked Games

  • The speed of worms can also be increased by holding the space bar or the mouse. Whenever the speed is increased the size of the snake decreases a bit and the lost mass appears in the bar. This approach is quite helpful in defeating your opponents.
  • Another strategy is to trap the worm of another opponent by circling your worm. The worm of the opponent will be trapped inside your worm and won’t get any place to get away and will eventually be dead the moment your worm’s head touches the worm.
  • There is a border on all four sides. If any worm touches that border it dies immediately. So while playing, players need to be very careful and they need to avoid hitting the borders.

Appearance Of The Respective Worms

Each player’s worms have a different skin colour. There are 12 different skin colours available and each player can choose the skin colour of their worm so that they can identify their worms from others. The skin of the worms can also be customized by using unique designs, logos, flags etc.

The mobile version of slitherio unblocked games is also available both as iOS and Android apps. The controlling schemes of the worms also have varieties that the player can choose based upon his or her convenience.

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