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Blasting Shapes With Diep.io Tanks

Diep.io is one of the best selected online multiplayer games which is really exciting and interesting as well. Blast circles, squares, and triangles in this multiplayer game starting off with basic blue diep.io tanks. You can improve your health by blasting more and more shapes.

How To Play With Diep.io Tanks

Diep.io multiplayer game is an interesting game where you would have to blast circles, squares, and triangles with the help of diep.io tanks. You initially start off with a basic blue colored tank and then slowly increase in strength and potential after blasting the shapes. It is a 2 D shooter game where your only focus is to kill the opponent or you will get killed instead. Once you have enough XP points, you can level up. You would be in control of a tank and shoot projectiles whose behaviors can also be modified through a leveling system. You need to control your diep.io tanks well and look for strong builds. Try and move as much as possible as higher-level diep.io tanks can damage the players.

diep.io tanks

The Strategy Of Diep.io Tanks

Your tank will be situated in the middle of the screen and can also be used to navigate the map using the WASD keys as well as the arrow keys. Your gun barrel can follow your mouse cursor. You can also fire your canon using the left click button or the space bar. The various kinds of diep.io tanks in the diep.io game are the Auto tanks, Carrier, Hybrid, Machine Gun, Rammer, Sniper, Standard, Trapper, and more. The tanks use Barrel, Turret, Spawner, Trapper to defend themselves or attack the others. The tank can use various abilities such as cloaked ability where it can go invisible after a certain period, Minions or square drones, made by ramming, FOV movement where the camera can be moved in any direction, and knockback resistance where the diep.io tank is not affected by others.

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