One of the most entertaining online games, is a strategic game played with many players. In this game, you have to eat your opponents to make yourself stronger.

The fun that has in itself cannot be elaborated in words. What you can do is you can browse to the game on your browser and play it yourself. Then you can understand the excitement it has to offer. It is a strategic game that is played on a mass level.

Details About

This online game has a simple concept with many small elements. You have a character that you control. You have to eat your opponent which makes you stronger. While you eat your enemies, make sure no one bites you from behind. The game wants you to be subtle enough to escape deadly attacks. While you are at it, you can use various other elements to save yourself from your enemies. This cat and mouse running and hiding are what make the game so much fun. There are plenty of other players playing for fun.

How To Play can be played with few basic instructions. This is what has made the game much more popular. The basic concept is to control your character with the mouse. You can eat others on the way and make sure that you are safe from other people. While you gain mass and become stronger, you can use various skills like a fly, hide under the earth or stalk your prey going invisible. These can be done using Q, W, and E keys. You can also combine various skills to put them to effective use. This is what makes the game much more interesting.

Gameplay Of

With the above points, you can conclude the following things:

  • io is a multiplayer action game with various elements.
  • Your character needs to eat enemies to grow stronger.
  • You also have to save yourself from other people.
  • You can control your character using a mouse.
  • Using Q, W, E, you can fly, stalk your prey invisible and hide under the ground.

This is what makes one of the most famous multiplayer games available on the internet. Make sure you play it with your friends and eat them while making your character stronger. It is a fun game to pass your time with.