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What is Zlap.io?

Zlap.io is a battle and skill .io game. You must kill enemies with your mace. Your mace grows depending on how many enemies you kill. Also, you start with default skin. Players have a chance to change their skin because there are many different kinds of skin on starting page. When you have the first rank of your map, many players want to kill you to gain more points compared to low-rated points people. Besides, all players see the person who has the highest of the day rank and his point on the top of the scoreboard.

The game provides extra options to players which are creating your own clan or entering one of the existing clans. In addition, players can observe clans’ scores and ranks on the homepage. The map of the game grows and shrinks from the corners depending on the number of players in the game. Zlap.io offers two modes which are FFA (Free for All) and TDM (Team Deathmatch). You can play the game with your friend via party mode. The movement keys are WASD and mouse for the computer. If you want to player zlap.io by joystick, you can play with that because the game supports the keys of the joystick. Finally, we recommend this game if you like playing .io games with different modes.