Know how water, plants, and fire help you fight a brutal, merciless battle against each other forming tribes of their own in With the game world being taken over by tribe games where you have battles and fights to win and take over other tribes, people are more into brutal stuff like fighting and dominance in the gaming world.

When fighting, war and dominance come with tribesmen like water, plant, and fire, the game becomes more fun to play. With vivid tense music playing in the background you need to choose between the three elements in and lead your tribe to win and dominate the ground.

Things To Know While Playing

  • Choose a tribe to lead

In there are three elements that you need to choose from keeping in mind which tribe you want to be in and lead. There are three tribes to choose from, namely, water, plant, and fire. The objective is to become the best amongst the clans and let your fellow tribesmen dominate the ground on which you had a war and fought against your enemies to win.

  • Knowing your strengths and weaknesses

It is important to know the strength and weaknesses of your tribe before you take your fellowmen into war. Each tribe has their own set of dignities that they can use to beat other tribes and even vulnerabilities that you need to know to beat the other tribe and win. But the main motto will be to overcome your tribe’s weaknesses and play strategically so that you can know when to dodge an attack and when to make one accordingly.

  • Extra surprises

The game has surprise elements and chests that help you in taking you to a higher level and also help you win by letting your fellow tribesmen dominate the arena. In there are chests that drop out after you have played a series of five games and on reaching the new level as well. You can quickly grab onto the game by following the prompts that pop out on your screen while you play the game and help you understand it better. is a fun game that has fighting and war and dominance while you can have a lot of fun while playing it. It is all in a game package.