Are you on the lookout for a place online where you’re able to play games and recall your childhood days? Of you are you must look at the world of classic carefree .io games and you are certain to get diverse forms of online games. When you play against your or play it single-handedly, you are certain to enjoy every moment of it. Among such games is Tankwars.io.

Description Of Tankwars.io

In tankwars.io, you play as a tank and you try and overwhelm your foes’ tank with expert movement and great tactics. Your goal’s killing as numerous foes, fighting by the use of diverse weapons and talents that includes haste, Mines, air raid, vacuum, and more. This game’s really akin to such tank combat games you’d played earlier. This game just requires more smart skills and manipulative skills on your part for destroying your foes. In tankwars.io, you must be the finest and get the better of all your foes, and having the best rank.

You must also explore the controls cautiously ahead of playing. You can also make use of diverse mods for enjoying it more. Go through the control guide cautiously, make use of navigation arrows as directed, and avoid wasting your powers.


Fundamental Controls and Features

  • Make use of ENTER for chatting.
  • Make use of “Z” for chatting quickly.
  • TAB for toggling scoreboard.
  • Make use of “UP” arrow / W for moving ahead.
  • Make use of “Down” arrow / S for moving down.
  • Use “Left” arrow or A to move left.
  • Make use of “Right” arrow /D for moving right.
  • For slots, ability makes use of 1-6 on the keypad.
  • There’re diverse forms of casual mods, namely, tea, Deathmatch, and Battle Royal.
  • There’re several Competitive mods, namely, team deathmatch, Capture the flag, and push modes.