though a remake of has more directions for moving in. The maps happen to be small and the numbers of players are less when weighed against Nevertheless, in this game, you’re the least likely to experience lag. Below we share some facts about this game.

Game Overview is one more territory multiplying game and here you require expanding your control. You move about your zone, locking it for gaining terrain. Never allow any foe to make contact with you while outside the secure zone, failing which the games over. Stay alive and build up the score by multiplying your super hexes about.

Strategy Of

Your aim in the game is to take over hexagons lying on the plot by locking it using your colored trail. However, you need to exercise caution. In the event of another player touching your trail, you’re going to end up as the loser and you will require starting all over once more. You must try and take over the entire screen. In the game, you must guard your land while adopting a tactic using, which you will be, able to take over the entire map. It’s vital that you exercise caution while at this as the foes will try and stop you from doing this. Stealing of hexagons is permitted in this game and your foes are not going to hold themselves back from doing this.


Make use of the mouse for controlling your character. Generate territory by sketching shapes using your character and joining them back to the territory that you presently have. The weak spot that you have in this game is your line. In the event, if a foe touching it, your game comes to an end.