spinz io game

Spinz.io is the name of a game that’s a blend of Fidget Spinners + Slither.io + Agar.io. In this io game, you as the player require collecting dots for spinning faster, colliding with additional spinners for taking their mass, and turning out to be the leading player in spinz.io. Below, we discuss this game.

Spinz.io Gameplay

Spinz.io is the fidget spinner multiplayer .io game! Step into the arena and combat additional players by the way of your fidget spinner. You have the option of choosing its color and stepping into exhilarating fights! Amass dots that are scattered in a bid to add to your RPM. It is vital that you exercise patience at the time of the collecting of the dots to gradually shape your RPM with a more elevated RPM being always better.

Collide the spinner of yours with others for making each of the spinner’s dots scattered before proceeding with the grabbing of all of them fast. Add to your speed to go after additional players effortlessly in the game. However, you have got to make prudent use of it and the reason is that it sacrifices your existing RPM.


You have got to be attentive to additional spinners that have 4 times the speed as they can instantly take your life with a single collision. Another feature of the io game is Whirlpools! Step into a whirlpool for getting shot out at a farfetched speed. These are beneficial for escaping as well as for attacking in spinz.io! Carry on adding to your RPM and stay in charge of the arena by using your spinner. You also have the option of making use of the invitation link for asking your pal to join in the identical room for playing spinz.io collectively and sharing the fun.

Spinz.io Controls

  • Make use of the mouse of yours for moving the spinner.
  • Make a left click for boosting up the speed.