is a 2D combat game that will keep you entertained for a long period of time. Enjoy this skilled game from the comfort of your home. This game is fun and worth the effort and the controls are also simple to maneuver.

About is an interesting game where you would find yourself as a triangle of a certain color and this color is chosen at the beginning and is accompanied by unique base stats, which are displayed. The game is a 2D combat game that will help to keep you entertained for long periods of times- whether you are relaxing or resting. This is a highly skilled game.

How to play

This is a highly skilled game where you would need to win the battle. You have an option of 7 stats to improve the performance of your triangles like speed, damage, and maximum health and you get a few attempts to get the perfect build. The game is fun and worth the effort as it is interesting and relaxing as well. Besides, the controls of the game are very simple and the controls are built through the mouse and the left click is used to attack your opponents.

The strategy of

The map in the leader board would show your character as well as the highest rank on the server. You can avoid this if you are an amateur in the game. This game needs skill and concentration and you can very well be the winner if you follow these rules.