game is a free online FPS shooter game. In this game you have to choose a weapon as an egg character. Each Shellshockio weapon type has advantages and disadvantages. There are different maps in the game. You must make the best score with the weapon you choose on these maps. Game

Do you love multiplayer gun games? If you want to try out some new fun games with your friends, you can easily choose the game. As you already know that the game is quite popular among a certain audience. If you try it, then you will also fall in love with it. If you want to understand why many players love to play this game, you can easily try it independently. You can easily check out all the features of the game to understand why it’s amazing.

The characters of the game are EggK-47, Scrambler, FreeRanger, RPEGG, Whipper, Crackshot, Tri-Hard.You can also find some streamers who share their gaming videos to learn how you can play it.

How To Play

The reason why many people love the game is that it’s easy to understand controls. When you can easily understand how to play a game, you won’t find yourself trying too much. You will easily start to play the game and enjoy it without any worries.

  • Movement: W, A, S and D
  • Attack: Left mouse button
  • Switch Weapons: Press E
  • Throw A Grenade: Press Q
  • Reload: Press R
  • Jump: Space Bar
  • Aim Down Sights: Shift

Equip The Egg With Premium Skins

In the game, you will get some amazing skins. You can unlock some of the premium skins by using the Golden eggs. You can unlock the Golden eggs by killing more opponents. The more opponents you kill, the more eggs you get. You can also use real cash to buy this case, which will be another added benefit.

The players can damage the enemy when they fire at them. Then it will squash like a real egg. It will be quite amazing as you can see your friends and it will look quite funny. All your friends can join the server and continue to play with each other.

Make Strategies To Win Games

In the game, you can make certain strategies to help you win more. There are specific things that even try. You can hide inside the box or behind certain things that will help you take cover to recover your health after you have recovered your health and use battle against opponents and win it.

You can easily get all these incredible features in the game. All you have to do is visit the site, and you can continue to play the game. You can easily try out some of the amazing characters in the game, helping you enjoy it more. Ensure that you learn everything about it to understand the game and how it can help you improve your gameplay.

Some of the game’s maps have large empty sections. You should hide yourself without spending too much time in these empty sections because Sniper class opponents can easily hit you in the open sections. You should also spend the amount of ammo in your gun wisely. While your enemies develop strategies to defeat you, you should immediately think about their moves.