source io is the name of a complimentary game where you require hacking additional players. In this game, you code your way right to the summit of the game leader board and unlock fresh ranks! By hacking you get BT Coins for purchasing added data miners incessantly working for generating additional money on your behalf.

Unlock fresh ranks, commencing with Bronze, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamond, and turn into a master by the hacking of most of the players! Have a talk with others and do leave messages on the profile of theirs following you have hacked them.


Commence by opting for a participant present in the target listing. Follow up by clicking upon the “Hack” button and selecting the port you wish to attack. Presently type out the highlighted expressions that shoe up at the base and press on entering till the progress bar has reached 100%. Now that you’ve successfully hacked your foremost player and are free to leave that player a message right on their profile of his for additional hackers to have a look at.

Presently, you are at liberty to spend a little time in the black marketplace where you’ll come across all forms of data miners that produce additional BT Coins. Of course, you have got to be attentive to the three firewalls of yours, namely A, B & C that’s visible within the “My Computer” pane. In the event of another player hacking you, the firewalls defense will gradually go down. At that point, you require buying charges for it to prevent them from breaking your firewall and stealing your money.

Strategy Of

You are free to hack additional players even as they attempt to annihilate your firewalls. Just a click on top of the name of the individual hacking you within the log pane at the left part of the base of the monitor will let you witness their profile.