RangerSteve.io is a multiplayer shooting game. You start as a ranger and must kill the enemies. The people who collect the most points are entitled to enter the RangerSteve.io’s leaderboard. There are many different rifles, pistols and heavier weapons to choose from. You can see the damage, fire rate and capacities of the weapons in the weapons page.

Players can carry two weapons in the game, so you should choose your weapons well. Another unique feature of the game is that every ranger owns a jetpack. Players can quickly escape from enemies or chase them with the jetpack. In addition, enough gasoline is needed to use the jetpack, so you should use it in efficient way.

More Info About RangerSteve.io

There are many different maps in Rangersteve.io. Players can play these maps in the rooms set up by other players or in the room that they have created. Besides, there are servers for two different continents which are Europe and America. The reason for this is to ensure that the players experience less delay in the game. All players can do single combat with another player by talking on the chat system.



It is pretty easy to play RangerSteve.io. You should use WASD keys to move around the map. With mouse left-click, you can shoot enemies. Also, you can use jetpack with mouse right-click. You should use Q key to use the second weapon thay you have selected in the game. Lastly, if you do not like the controls the game gives you, you can customize these controls from the settings menu.


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