pixelcanvas io

PixelCanvas.io is the name of an entertaining skill game that you’re able to take part in slithere.com straight in the browser that you are using, at no cost. This .io game has been played several times and has received a rating of 5.5 out of a possible 10. This exceedingly addictive game of skill is made using HTML5 technology for working smoothly on a greater number of browsers.

About PixelCanvas.io

All those who have liked the game of PixelCanvas.io are certain to like the additional .io games that include Gunfight.io and Skribbl.io. Have you at any time had the wish of cooperating with a great many of the additional individuals on a marathon immeasurable drawing piece? This .io game lets you do just that!

This game of drawing offers you an infinite blank piece that you are free to draw on along with all of the participants from the world over. The piece is tenacious and you are free to have a look at the creations of numerous individuals. Thus, while not playing yourself, you are free to spend hours after hours by simply looking up the wonderful creations of the additional players.


It’s only practicable to place a single fresh pixel at intervals of 1 minute, 45 seconds. However, this timer gets lesser as you make your way in the direction of the middle of the piece or canvas. What is it that you are going to decide to sketch? Are you going to generate your individual designs or be of help to others in improving and expanding their sketches or drawings? PixelCanvas.io is an io game that is the real test for your imagination while facilitating a matchless degree of teamwork. Finally, do not hesitate anymore and get drawing!

Controls Of PixelCanvas.io

A vital tip for all players playing PixelCanvas.io is that the nearer they’re to the middle, the lesser the time break before you’re able to place an additional pixel.

  • Make use of the left click for picking a color and drawing.
  • Make use of the Space Bar or G button for toggling the drawing lattice or grid.
  • This game has zoom-in and out features by scrolling.