piranh io

Piranh.io is an .io game where the setting is the deep and here you attack swimmers. In this game, you play as a ravenous, lethal fish. Your key aim is to consume all humans. You also have the option of picking up boosts and chomping on lesser-sized sea creatures. Swim in the direction of anybody gliding on the surface of the water, and you’re going to impulsively gnaw him or her!

This is an overwhelming underwater game in which you participate as the piranha and consume survivors for gaining levels and mass. The greater the level you attain the greater your fish is able to grow. Nevertheless, having had reached the subsequent level your size gets reset. This is the reason why you can consume a fish of a greater level but with a smaller size. A number of power ups are also present about the map for you to use to your advantage.


The Way Of Playing Piranh.io

The theory is straightforward and you must swim about the ocean consuming anything insight provided that they’re smaller in size compare to you. You are advised against swimming into a greater sized fish! While gaining levels you’ll require additional food for advancing again. However, this lets you develop in size. Amongst the favorites of many players are the powers ups accessible to all and sundry that lie about the map. This feature lets even the smallest of fishes a prospect. Players must remember to have boost accessible.


Piranh.io’s movement is incredibly fluent. A player’s fish follows his/her mouse unbelievably slickly. The left mouse button of for boosting the movement momentum with the space bar being for using power ups.