mechar io game

Meet, the pristine multiplayer 3D io game where robots fight it out in the pitch. You as a player happen to work in a squad. All the blue participants are your pals, while the red participants are your foes. You have the option of diverse weapons that include laser weapons, Tesla missile pistols, and tracking bombs for tracking your enemy down.

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In this game, you must amass ammunition that lies scattered all over the arena. You can now enjoy this game and also share it with your pals!, the pristine .io game has been created by the architects of the trendy game named, Here, robots combat against one another. This game must be played in its full screen mode and if you are keen on learning about this game the video Walkthroughs available online are going to be of help to you.

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In, you keep marching with your commanding computerized combat robot and abolish the opponent side in this multiplayer arcade shooting video game! Here, you seize weapons, ammunition, health, and safeguard energy for keeping yourself alive as well as well-armed.

This game’s an online based isometric robot shooting multiplayer pitch where you are the driver of an innovative mech and you are out to terminate the mechs of the foe team. Here, your objective is to simply terminate as numerous mechs as possible while attempting to stay alive. You’re going to earn points by taking the life of foes with your points getting reset in the event of your death. Attempt to make your way upward the leader board and demonstrate your supremacy in the arena. Place several mines as well as drones on the arena and capitalize on everything about you!

For moving you must make use of WSAD while for blocking inward projectiles or reducing explosive damage you must make use of the right mouse button. By hitting SPACE, you accomplish a bash for disabling your foe for a second and presenting you with ample time for shooting him down.