Hexagor.io is amongst the small number of tactical games that a number of people play over and over again. Due to being a rather thought exhaustive game, the people who are keen on enjoying it fully are advised to be somewhat experienced with additional strategies. Below we will discuss this game in detail. Also, you commence with a petite home base. Then you take over adjoining territory plots in a bid to add to your terrain. By doing this you make your troop bigger and also make certain that your home plot of yours is better protected.

The Way Of Playing Hexagor.io

Having had acquired some land contiguous to your base you’re set to commence building towers that are able to shield you in the event of any intrusion by a different player. You must exercise caution as additional players are going to try and break inside your base and take it over. If they’re successful in this your territory will be conquered and deleted. For being successful in this game the general recommendation is the attempt for numerous builds and to guarantee that the terrain adjoining the home base features numerous turrets for defending against incoming assaults.


When enlarging its vital to try and draw together stone or wooden plots early for getting provisions for towers. For harvesting the resources all that you require doing is clicking on any claimed reserve plot. Then, it’s going to harvest the provisions.


The mechanics of this game is rather uncomplicated and easily understandable. In addition, a player can interact with each and every hexagon with just a left click. The monitor’s top-left part is the place from where you would like to grab your towers from. On the monitor’s top right part an alliance system is present that you can use for sending requests to individuals in your game.