gungame io is the name of an additional gun .io game of shooting that you can play on several servers online. In this .io game, you require getting greater by the eating of diminutive balls. In addition, you should avoid being hit by additional players’ fire. Here you shoot at additional foes for growing up faster.


Gungame is a game where you take part as a blob that has a range of diverse weapons that include a battering rifle / a hack! Obviously, you are not going to be able to make use of all of these at the onset. You must bring the multi-coloured orbs that spawn about the map together or take the life of additional players. By doing this you will be able to add to your dimension/score a great deal as you are going to do in the game called and after you’ve notched up an adequate amount of score for switching missiles/weapons, the box that is located at the underneath of your display is going to illuminate and exhibit the subsequent weapon.

Switching of weapons is going to cart off somewhat of your dimension. However, you’re soon going to be capable of getting it back with that added armaments that you’ve been successful in obtaining. This game moreover features AI foes that happen to wander about the plot and sort of bear resemblance to the drawing of a blob/saw blade. You would be keen on avoiding colliding against these since they do massive degrees of injury and are even capable of insta-killing you in the event of you being rather small. In the event of you managing to effectively take their life, you’re going to earn quite a large extra score.

The Way Of Playing

For moving about make of WASD. Make use of the mouse’s left click for shooting and press on E for making a switch onto the subsequent weapon after having got a sufficient score for doing so.