In the game of, you must try and stay alive and put up your base, protecting it against rivals. This is a game that is very tactical and thus very enjoyable. In the section below we are going to discuss a number of aspects of this game that include the gameplay, the controls, and some tactics to employ during the gameplay. Gameplay And Controls

Here you go about gathering the resources about you, building walls, and constructing doors for defense. You gather eggs, take the life of animals, and plant beds for getting food. Besides, you fashion assistants, which include peasants, guards, and mercenaries. You must also be wary of wolves and additional players.

You have the option of creating your clan by the use of the “Create Party Link” button placed at the base of the page. Having had clicked it, copy that link on the browser’s address bar and have it sent to your pals. In addition, the greater the amount of gold you’ve, the greater you’re ranked on the leader board. play

The controls that you must use in this game are:

  • W, A, S, D or arrows for moving.
  • Mouse for looking.
  • 1-9 or clicking on top of the icon for selecting building.
  • Clicking for attacking or gathering.
  • Return for chatting.

Some Tactics To Use

  • You require building additional towers for remaining atop the leader board.
  • If you’re on the verge of attacking the foe always leave guards within the castle.
  • On requiring ample food you require making beds ASAP.
  • Fie blocking for doors build up your walls in close proximity.
  • The number of wall blocks are limited you have the ability to save some by putting up a castle in close proximity to the perimeter of the planet.
  • While attacking the foe you’re able to fashion your guards alongside him.
  • You must always have sufficient food.
  • This will let you create new mercenaries in the event of your mercenaries getting killed at some stage in the battle.
  • There’re more strategies.