is a cool game where you would play as a round character. This is an interesting online game where you can choose from a host of weapons as per your wish. Know more about this game by reading this article.

About seems to be a cool game where you would need to play as a round character with a colored circle inside you that would shrink as you lose health. You can choose from a variety of weapons before you join the map. This online game is really interesting and is the best kind that people would enjoy. This is a top multi shooter game that incorporates high skills and strategies. Different classes and gadgets are combined together.

How To Play

Navigate around the WSAD keys and then pick a weapon, armor, and color and shoot the other players or control the center point in order to earn points. Pressing the space bar will trigger the second tier power up and the first tier power up does not need a trigger.  You can choose a low armor and browse all through the map or take an accurate weapon for e.g. a sniper and browse the map at a slower pace.

Strategy Of

Choose from an assortment of weapons like a pistol, shotgun, Sniper, assault rifle, and LMG. You can also choose your armor amongst light, heavy, medium. If you select heavier armor, your character will move slower. You can choose a color and set a name for yourself. You can also get a medkit; shield in order to protect your health.