game is a new and very interesting game, the main feature of which is the evolution system and you have to evolve from the usual fly to the most insidious predators. The main thing is not to eat yourself for the other players.

Introduction Of game is a game in which there are lots of the easting ones parallel and you chose, then where your character will most easily what’s needed. There are few flowers in the city, but there is food that is not in the field. For the success growth, you have to need to move in all directions and you can hide in the clouds or explore the dungeons. Be careful with the ponds, there may be predators and this can be the clue to you regarding this game.

How To Play

The main goal of is to eat, get points, level up, and evolve into a more developed creature. At the top, you will see an XP bar, upcoming animals, and the thumb image of the animals you can eat. In this game, the eatable animals are growing green and the ones glowing red can eat you. Other players are neutral, you cannot attack them, or also the same things neither do they after evolving into the new animal try to remember biology lessons. The other thing that is always remembered in this game to fulfill the level of the water. is a game where the rules are changing as you evolve and get a new animal and you have to explore vertical as well as the horizontal dimensions of the game. Wherever you want to go then firstly make the source of the water.

The Controls and Strategies Of

The controls of the game are the basic need of the game to play and with the help of these controls, you can get the points and also the level up of the game.

Controls of the game:

  • Mouse: To move.
  • Click: To Fly.

The above mentioned are the n controls of the game which helps you to play the game and get the points.

According to the strategy try to attack the others and eat food, remember that you can hide in the clouds or in the bushes and your health renews with eating food.