is the continuation of the original startling survival computer game. In, you have even more weapons that are more powerful as compared to the original survival game. You also have more items to find in the wild to make your survival easier. All you need to do is find the weapons and items in the wild and use them appropriately in the wild for your survival.


In, you start out by simply collecting simple and readily available materials in the wild. Start by gathering very simple materials such as stone and wood. These materials are essential and are extremely useful for your survival in the wild. Use these simple materials to craft shelter. You need shelter because it is what will help you survive against weather elements such as strong wind, scorching sun, extreme temperatures, or heavy rains and lightning. You will also need to use simple materials to make weapons that can help you defend yourself against wild creatures that may attack you. Furthermore, you also need to make tools that you can use to make shelter, weapons, and so on.

Once you have obtained a pickaxe, you can then go ahead and gather even more materials and build up even a larger stockpile.

With your weapons and tools, move around the wild to mark your territory. You can do this by eliminating other players. If you want, and if you believe in the phrase “unity is strength”, then you can try forming alliances with others in the wild so that you can together build a stronger defense. Alternatively, you can just play solo and just be a rogue operative who basically tries to survive.

If you believe in yourself and you are convinced that you can actually survive in the wild and even become the strongest player, then you should try playing the game. If you really enjoy this game, then you can also try playing the original

Features Of was released in March 2018, and gamers all over the world enjoy playing it. Here are some of its most interesting features:

  • game with crafting and mining elements

This feature allows you to craft tools, make equipment, and place buildings. You can also create portions. You can increase the attribute by leveling up your character.

  • Hunger system
  • Day and night cycle

You can also invite your friends to the game room and create team features Controls

  • Use arrow keys or WASD to move
  • Left-click to attack
  • Space to charge
  • Shift to sneak