is the name given to an additional simplistic 2-dimensional shooter game that’s unbelievably addictive! In spite of having an awfully fundamental look, its evolution method is quite comprehensive, lending you the choice of upgrading and designing your boat in a number of diverse ways.

An Overview Of

You commence in the form of a very fundamental boat having double-sided cannons with the expectation that in due course you can turn into an immensely dreaded battleship amid the server. This game’s awfully entertaining and on account of the diverse variations at hand, you have the freedom of playing a diverse way on every occasion till you’ve come across what functions the finest for you.

The Game Play

What you do is sail the deep gathering the dyed orbs that inactively spawn or taking the life of foe ships in a bid to achieve experience as well as gold that’s usable for upgrading your personal boat. There’re stats for players to add points onto for the rate of coins at the screen’s top-left part. Having had filled the XP bar you have the option of adding a tool to the boat that you own. According to accounts of a number of players, they found the putting of max movement velocity with a sturdy hull along with a mauling ram as amazingly entertaining.


While playing this game you can make use of WASD / arrow keys for navigation and left click or space bar for the firing of your cannons. You can make use of the f key for firing shots that are aimed in exchange for coins.