is the name of a multiplayer snake game that you are able to play on various websites online. You can play it currently for continuous fun. Here you combat additional players, assemble power-ups that consist of custom ones, and also level up. You gross coins by being the winner of rounds in all tournaments.


Curvefever is the name of a super habit forming and enjoyable game; besides being exceedingly competitive. The game has the do with attempting not to collide ahead of your foes. Even though you’re limited to moving left and right it isn’t as uncomplicated as it may sound. In addition, there’re loads of power ups accessible about the map and additional features that are capable of presenting you with that much-required edge over the foes.

The Way Of Playing

In the planet of the game, you participate in the form of a line snake with the objective of simply being the final player standing and this is feat that isn’t as easy as it may sound. Your ability is limited to making a left or right turn that which implies that you always make circular motions. Your job is to not crash against your personal body, the paths you leave at the back of you, and also additional players and the trails of theirs and also the walls. In the event of that not sounding all that hard the pitch is incredibly minute is you consider that the number of players fitting into it. It is 6 and the map’s speckled with power ups that include speed ups and they are capable of messing you if you aren’t set to control the added velocity.


The players of this game are just able to make left and right turns by the use of arrow keys.